After Graduation

In lecture on Monday, when all of the representatives from the different disciplines at the journalism school came to talk to us, it really got me thinking. What am I supposed to do after graduation?



I am planning on going into strategic communications and possibly public relations. However, I had never really thought about what kind of job I would get after I graduated. I found this article online that offered three things that a person can do with a degree in PR or communications:

It says in the article that I could work for an agency, work for a company directly, or start my own agency and freelance. I think if I had my choice I would like to find a company that I care about. If I could work for a company that I support and use their products, I think my job would be a little more fulfilling than working for an agency that takes whatever comes in the door.

I am very stressed out about getting a job after graduation. I feel like it’s not easy these days. Hopefully my field of work is still as big as it is by the time I graduate so I have somewhere to work`! I cannot wait to start learning how to communicate and write press releases and work with the media.


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